Waiting on God

Timing is critical in life, in business, in sports, in science, in relationships and essential in every believers life.

In Psalms 130 vs 6 we it says “..my soul waits for the Lord” and in vs 7, “…hope in the Lord for with the Lord there is lovingkindness, and with Him is abundant redemption.”

God wants the very best for us in our personal life, whether the issue is marriage, school, business or friendships. In Psalms 30:8 we hear, “I will instruct and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you”.
Sometimes it appears to others that we are delaying unnecessarily , we make decision based the influence of our friends or our culture, yet God may use a season of waiting to help us recognize ungodly motive and sin, and to strengthen our faith.

I don’t believe that God so much makes ‘RULES’ for us to follow as he provides us wisdom that allows us to live a peaceful, successful, righteous life. God is the only source of pure Wisdom.

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