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I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US where I enjoy the beauty of our spectacular natural setting.  Within an hour I can be in the mountains, in the rugged world of the Cascades or on a beach near the ocean and the tranquility of the Northern Pacific. God’s majesty is displayed all around me.

I am the father of two wonderful boys full of the joy of the Lord. They are active in school, their church and sports, especially soccer. I am truly blessed.

Most importantly I am a Son of the God Most High, an heir of God and a fellow Heir with Christ (Romans 8:17). I enjoy praising my Lord with thanksgiving and immersing myself in His Word. I remain in process to learn His will for my life, acquire His wisdom, and grow closer to Him.

In my spare time I love to cook and bless others with good eats from my kitchen.  I love to spend time outside soaking in the beauty of our local surroundings, walking or hiking the diverse environments of God’s creation.

I long to share and attempt to model God’s goodness, grace and mercy to those around me, especially to pre-teens. As I see more of God’s likeness through reading His word and in prayer, I want to share that to those around me. I lovingly invite you to join this journey with me.

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5 thoughts on “Meet Kevin”

  1. Good words and insight. Your writing is very down-to-earth in maintaining a Godly walk with God. I enjoyed each article and will look forward to future writing as you share your testimony of walking in relationship with Him. God bless you on your journey. One additional note, I would suggest that you find someone who would proofread your articles. Just a few minor things that all of us miss from time to time, myself included.

    1. Thank you Dave, yes I do spell check but things slip through. I appreciate your thoughts on the content here. I want to share my walk and devotions and hopefully inspire some others with the words.

  2. This is a very encouraging site Kevin, and knowing you personally, I can attest to some of the things you’ve gone through for God to take you this far. As you feel more comfortable, I think readers would find it encouraging for you to share vulnerably from your experience (Life Application) as I’m sure you could penetrate even further with this resource. Our stories, both good and bad, are meant to be shared.
    God Bless you for putting yourself out there.

  3. Hey Kevin, thanks for your dedication to service. God blesses those whom he chooses and in ways that are incomprehensible. Blessings.

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