God Multiplies

Dr. Charles Stanley says, “The Lord wants to show us His favor; His blessing is always upon us when we are obedient to Him.” God multiplies our giving. He multiplies our service, our gifts and abilities. God multiplies our achievements and accomplishments through His strength. God will multiply our blessings.

Throughout the Bible, God demonstrated the power of multiplication when people were obedient by giving a little bit out of faith. We learned the stories when we were young of the loaves and fish. In Mark 6, Jesus fed a crowd of over five thousand with five fish and two loaves. Again, to make sure we understood it, in Mark 8, Jesus fed over four thousand with seven loaves and a few fish. In each case, the disciples picked up baskets of leftovers that greatly surpassed the little they distributed.

These are much more than just pleasant Sunday School stories. The gospels repeat these stories often, so that we might understand the power God uses to bless our lives in many ways when we are obedient by surrendering everything to follow Him. Resources are not the only thing He will multiply. In Exodus 35 and 36, with the Israelites in the wilderness, He called them to serve by building the tabernacle. “Whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as the Lord’s contribution . . . .” They contributed their treasures and talents to the building of the tabernacle. As the Israelites responded, He multiplied their contributions and service so much that Moses had to command the people to stop giving (Exodus 36:6,7). God multiplied their service; He enhanced their talents to build His house.

When we stand strong in our faith and give up everything to seek God, He will bless us with multiplication. In every case of God’s multiplication throughout the Bible, it started with an action on the part of the faithful. The glory of the tabernacle in the wilderness started as small acts of obedience. The feeding of the thousands only could happen after service by the disciples, and the giving of the meager food they found. Even our salvation, God’s gift to us, starts by our humbling ourselves and asking for forgiveness.

But oh, what a marvelous multiplication it is. This simple act of asking Jesus to take over our lives reaps an eternal reward of glories far beyond our imagination. Likewise, all our obedience and trust in Him results in the miracle of multiplication. When we clearly see this principle and its great promise to us, and His Kingdom becomes our aim, He is willing to multiply everything we do. In the poem entitled A Tandem Ride With God, I am reminded of the abundant joy He brings when I keep Him in charge of my life.

Now He that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness (2 Corinthians 9:10).

God can accomplish great things through us and our little acts of obedience. He also will multiply the resources of the generous giver. Not that he might give to get–but give, to get more to give. He is looking for us to move in faith, and promises to reward us when we do. What can be more exciting than that? Again, I quote from Dr. Stanley, “Obedience will bring God’s best, but it requires waiting on Him. . . . When we place our trust on a sovereign God and wait upon His timing, He will always prove faithful.”

I want God’s best for you and for me.

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Jesus warned us that following Him will result in troubles. In Mark 10:30, while promising that we who follow Him will receive a hundredfold blessing; He also adds that we will be persecuted as we live boldly for God. The world will attack us. Yet, we need not fear. Repeatedly, the Scriptures remind us that God goes before us; fights our battles; preserves us; and protects us. We are reminded that He has a plan for us–and His plans are always best. They will result in His glory. We can have peace during persecutions, secure in the knowledge of God’s protection and strength.

So look back over your life and recall God’s faithfulness to you. Ask Him to direct all your steps; to grant you wisdom; and to be with you. Meditate on His word and meet Him in prayer. Then, obey and follow Him wherever He leads. He who is always faithful has promised to multiply all your efforts. Live a bold life for Christ.